We understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be dealing with the real estate market in Budapest, especially if you’re a foreign investor. But Infinitum Properties is here to help. We offer our expertise through a variety of services.

buying property

Are you looking to invest in Budapest before it’s too late? We can keep you in the loop on potential properties that may be of interest to you. Based on your requirements, we provide advice on properties and neighbourhoods that are most ideal for your needs.

We can help with investment calculations, recommend financing options, provide English translations and offer complete assistance and guidance through the entire purchasing process.

design and renovation

Where else can you buy these older historic buildings that offer such character? There are a lot of properties with potential in Budapest. And it might take only a little bit of refining to drastically increase its aesthetics and value.

Coming from both a construction and design background, Infinitum Properties has the vision and passion to help turn your unique investment into something even more spectacular. We can assist with recommending local dependable contractors (a task that can be challenging everywhere) and then manage the entire renovations to ensure that the work is completed on schedule, on budget and to the appropriate specifications.

property management

With the rise of tourism along with multiple universities and numerous foreign companies/productions located in the city center, Budapest has a red hot rental market. This is probably one of the reason you’ve decided to invest in property here.

Infinitum Properties can help source potential renters for both short term and long term leases, as well as manage the property locally during the tenancy so that you can feel comfort with your investment.

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